John Anfin’s art
During the 2008 election season I decided to re-enter the political cartooning arena, so I did several cartoons and sent them to the Roanoke Times (our major newspaper), The Lexington News Gazette (our local weekly)*, and The Rockbridge Advocate (our local monthly newspaper). The Roanoke answered with an editorial page statement explaining why they didn’t accept cartoons from readers. This seemed odd given the types of letters-to-the-editor they did print. As for the other two papers, I never heard from them.

* The News Gazette publishes a monthly column by an unabashed conservative who used every column to rail against candidate Obama. (He continues to this day to attack Obama in EVERY column.) Given the papers willingness to publish those extreme views I thought a regular political cartoon feature called “A Liberal Point of View” would an exciting alternative. So I sent the first three cartoons with a rationale for the feature. I never heard back from the paper.
Recent cartoons